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​Activities and Small Group

Below is a list of different activities/groups occuring throughout the year in the counseling department

    At Chartiers Valley Primary School, our School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support program is a designed around the goals of Being Respectful, Being Responsible, and Being Safe. When students engage in a positive behavior, they have an opportunity to earn Caught Being Good Tickets which are then brought to the office. Every week, students' names are chosen from their grade level beehives and they are called to the office to get a reward for their good behavior. At different points throughout the year as well, the principals will also chose students from the beehives for "principal picks." If the school earns a certain amount of tickets, we then will have a school wide reward.
    All school year long
  2. Second Step
    Our Social Emotional Learning Curriculum at the Primary School is The Second Step Curriculum. Second Step Curriculum is utilized by all of our classroom teachers. The curriculum focuses on Skills for Learning, Emotions and Emotional Regulation, Problem Solving, and Compassion and Empathy. Click below on the links to see what your child is learning in their grade level.
    All School Year
  3. New Students
    All 1st and 2nd grade students who transfer to Chartiers Valley Primary School in the summer from a different district are given the opportunity to participate in a new student group. The group is held for three weeks during lunch. During the first meeting students, are shown the presentation below. During the second meeting, the students get to tour the office area and the third meeting they get to invite a friend from their class to lunch. This helps new students to feel comfortable in their new school and meet other important adults in the school.
  4. Yoga
    Yoga increases physical strength and flexibility as well as decreases muscular tension and stress. The practice of Yoga has positive effects on mental health. Students are placed in Yoga groups through staff referrals. The program that is used is Unstoppable Yoga for Youth Training Program through the Baptiste Foundation. Megan Mouas, the school counselor, was trained on how to utilize this program through a two day training in February 2018. Please click the Gallery Tab for pictures of the students doing Yoga. Attached are examples of the Yoga cards that we utilize in group.
    September through May
K Second Step
1st Second Step
2nd Second Step
New Student PP
  1. TLCv
    TLCv is a cross-age tutoring program whereby a primary student is paired with a high school student who provides tutoring under the supervision of the child's classroom teacher. The high school students have been trained by Megan Mouas, school counselor, and Taryn Briggs, reading specialist. This is a great opportunity for the primary school students to get some extra one on one attention and it is also a great experience for our high school students. We love our TLCv tutors!
    October through May
  2. Study Buddies
    Study Buddies is a program that pairs adult volunteers from the community with a primary school student. They work on academics after school two days a week and also develop a great relationship as well. The students who participate in this program love to spend time working with their Study Buddies. More information about this program is under the volunteers tab. Please check out the link if you would be interested in learning more about the program.
    October through May